Metal Industries Can Provide

Metalized and Ceramic Coatings Machine Component Repair Product Fabrication

"Metal Industries specializes in the repair and fabrication of products large, small and
everywhere in between. The company works with all types of metals, plastics and
composites materials to insure that the final product meets the needs of the application.
Metal Industries can apply metal and ceramic coatings to almost any item. Contact us
via phone, fax, or email to discuss your product issues and learn how you can become a
satisfied Metal Industries customer.

Machine Repair and Product Fabrication
Metal Industries, utilizing its "in house" machine shop capabilities including all types
of welding, milling, turning, grinding, heat treating and fabricating departments can take
virtually any component (reverse engineer it), or blue-print, sketch or idea and turn it
into a working machine part. We have years of experience fabricating obsoleted machine
parts to manufactures specifications. Our emergency service availability means we can
provide turn-arounds to get you back up and running quickly.

The metallizing process is basically the spraying of molten metal onto a surface to provide a coating. Material in wire or powder form is melted in either a flame or an electric arc and atomised using compressed air to form a fine spray. When the spray contacts the prepared surface of a substrate material, the fine molten droplets rapidly solidify forming a coating. This process carried out correctly is called a "cold process" (relative to the substrate material being coated) as the substrate temperature can be kept low during processing avoiding damage, metallurgical changes and distortion to the substrate material.

Ceramic Coating
Rokide thermal spray ceramic coatings are used when the size or shape of a component limits the use of solid ceramic liners. Ceramic oxide rods are melted, atomized and sprayed in a spray unit at high velocity onto metal or non-metallic surfaces. This forms a hard, flexible, chemically inert coating that can be used "as sprayed" or "ground finished" to specified tolerance. Eigteen different materials for wear, thermal or electric resistance can be applied with this technique. They include chromium oxide, alumina and zirconia composites.

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